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We are pleased to present this limited preview of BAX CLASSICS, a unique K-2 series that invigorates curiosity for big books and beautiful language!

We encourage you to grab one of the 500 FREE PREVIEWS of Book I, featuring "Moby Dick," below.  In return, please consider providing your feedback as we finalize this series for mass market release!  To see the video where "Bax" began, you can find it here!!

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"We can't make kids care about great literature but we CAN make them CURIOUS!"

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Bax and books Bax and books Bax and books

Bax Classics

Classics through the eyes of a kid!

"Parents, be prepared. Your kids will be climbing shelves, looking for novels, and asking questions you can't remember the answers to!"

"I read the first book to my class and now they're demanding to know why I don't own the actual copy of Moby Dick!  Thanks a lot guys!"

eBook Preview!

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